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Decorate Your Space With This Traditional And Elegant Art

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” – Nate Berkus.
Fascinating and dripping with old Indian heritage, this appealing jharokha made with wood, will make your home look traditional and elegant. Beautifully designed with intricate carvings and detailing, it adds an attractive feel to the room.
Decorate your space with beauteous art that you  love. This Wodden jharokha in brown finish is appealing product to buy for your home or to gift your loved ones with something special. Click and follow the given online store linkto buy.

Brand: Art of JodhpurMaterial: WoodDimensions: H 23 x W 1 x L 18 InchesWeight: 1 KgColour: BrownOrientation: Portrait

Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst | Book

Henry Marsh 'one of the best scientist-writers of our time' Oliver sacks why do human beings behave as they do ? The new York times bestseller 'awe-inspiring you will learn more about human nature than in any other book you can think of'. 
hours, days, months, years, even centuries, right back to the dawn of time and the origins of our species.
In the epic sweep of history, how does our biology affect the arc of war and peace, justice and persecution? How have our brains evolved alongside our cultures ?
This is the exhilarating story of human morality and the science underpinning the biggest question of all: What makes us human ?Add this bestseller book to your Amazon online shopping basket from your android or iOS Amazon app now, kindly click and follow the given

Impart A Rich Look With This Stunning Colonial Lamp

Impart a rich look and trendy style to your table lighting with this stylish range of colonial lamp. This lamp not only illuminate your table space but also gives it a classy look. With a compact shape and beautiful make, this lamp is easy to keep on any table by saving the floor space. This stunning piece will be a great combination with your decor, be it living room, bedroom or any other space.

This black cotton shade lamp with metal base to give a classy touch to your decor and thus add to your online shopping basket from your android or iOS now, kindly click and follow the link.

Brand: Kapoor E IlluminationsDimensions: 13.78 x 13.78 x 20 (Inches)Holder & Plug type: E27 HolderBulb Recommended: 40 Ws Switch type: On / OffWeight: 4 KgsShade Colour: BlackBase Material: MetalBase Height: 17Wire Length: 2 MetersShade Dimensions: 13.78 x 13.78 x 6.3 (inches)

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down | Book

The world moves fast, but that doesn't mean we have to. In this timely guide to mindfulness, Haemin Sunim, a Buddhist monk born in Korea and educated in the United States, offers advice on everything from handling setbacks to dealing with rest and relationships, in a beautiful book combining his teachings with calming full-colour illustrations. Haemin Sunim's simple messages - which he first wrote when he responded to requests for advice on social media - speak directly to the anxieties that have become part of modern life and remind us of the strength and joy that come from slowing down.

Hugely popular in Korea, Haemin Sunim is a Zen meditation teacher whose teachings transcend religion, borders and ages. With insight and compassion drawn from a life full of change, the bestselling monk succeeds at encouraging all of us to notice that when you slow down, the world slows down with you.
Haemin Sunim (Author) Haemin Sunim is one of the most influential Zen Buddhist teachers and w…

Wallpaper For Kids Room

Decorate your home just in minutes with easy installation wall decal art on clean and dust free surface. Simply peel those pre-cut pieces of wall stickers off from the backing paper and apply them to the desired area. Refer to the finished design shown in between the sheet and follow the numbers mentioned on the pieces to form the desired pattern. Freshly painted or lacquered surfaces must be allowed to completely cure for minimum 30 days before the decal is applied. After pasting the wall stickers on your wall, press firmly along the border and remove air bubbles if any. Do not apply on wet walls.  Add this to your online shopping basket now and kindly click and follow the given link.

Material: Matte FinishWall Covering Area: 155cm x 105cmProduct Dimensions : 60 x 90Eco Friendly With + 400 Designs AvailablePVC, non-toxic and waterproof

Guts - Editors' Pick For The Top 20 Best Children's Books

Raina wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom has one, too, so it's probably just a bug. Raina eventually returns to school, where she's dealing with the usual highs and lows: friends, not-friends, and classmates who think the school year is just one long gross-out session. It soon becomes clear that Raina's tummy trouble isn't going away... and it coincides with her worries about food, school, and changing friendships. What's going on?

Raina Telgemeier once again brings us a thoughtful, charming, and funny true story about growing up and gathering the courage to face and conquer her fears. A true story which is #1 New York Times bestselling, and multiple Eisner Award-winning author of Smile, Sisters, Drama, and Ghosts ! 

Add this bestseller book to your Amazon online shopping basket from your android or iOS Amazon app now, kindly click and follow the given link

Mysteriously Beautiful Abstract Art

Arts have been in trend for quite some time now. It can give different viewer different meanings style and design, the SAF wood matte abstract painting with frame is quite abstract and mysteriously beautiful. A beautiful painting can speak a thousand words they say. 
The painting has a nice frame to it. You can gift this to a family or a friend. The painting has various forms of certain figures on it as seen in the image. You can add a good set of lights to the place where the painting is, and the decor will give a different feel and look to the place. Quality and durability the painting has a matte finish and includes a good quality frame and will last for a long period. Add this to your online shopping basket now and kindly click and follow the given link.

3 Designer MDF Board self addessive Dimension: 15 inches X 18 inches

Swann's Way: In Search of Lost Time | Book

The first volume of one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, in Lydia Davis's award-winning translation.

Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time is one of the most entertaining reading experiences in any language and arguably the finest novel of the twentieth century. But since its original prewar translation there has been no completely new version in English. Now, Penguin Classics brings Proust’s masterpiece to new audiences throughout the world, beginning with Lydia Davis’s internationally acclaimed translation of the first volume, Swann’s Way.

Swann's Way is one of the preeminent novels of childhood: a sensitive boy's impressions of his family and neighbors, all brought dazzlingly back to life years later by the taste of a madeleine. It also enfolds the short novel "Swann in Love," an incomparable study of sexual jealousy that becomes a crucial part of the vast, unfolding structure of In Search of Lost Time. The first volume of the work that establis…

Serene And Elegant Handcrafted Wood Lamp

This decorative rich textured fabric wall lamp with wooden base will give a stylish twist to your home decor. This table lamp will become a centre of attraction owing to their rich and colonial design.

This shade casts a soft even wall light making this the perfect bedside lamp, night light or desk lamp. Buy this serene and elegant handcrafted lamp to give a classy touch to your decor and thus add to your online shopping basket from your android or iOS now, kindly click and follow the link.

Wall lamp uses 15 watt B22 bulb or equivalent LED bulb Square shape textured fabric Diffrent fabric texture colors availablePackage includes lamp shade, wooden base stand, B 22 holder and wireSimply wipe with a dry cloth or with a feather duster to cleanShade Dimension: L13 X W13 XH25 (in cm)

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking | Book

This New York Times Bestseller book is now a Netflix series and Winner of the 2018 James Beard Award for Best General Cookbook and also multiple IACP Cookbook Awards. 
A visionary new master class in cooking that distills decades of professional experience into just four simple elements, from the woman declared “America’s next great cooking teacher” by Alice Waters.

In the tradition of The Joy of Cooking and How to Cook Everything comes Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, an ambitious new approach to cooking by a major new culinary voice. Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middle school kids to author Michael Pollan to cook using her revolutionary, yet simple, philosophy. Master the use of just four elements—Salt, which enhances flavor; Fat, which delivers flavor and generates texture; Acid, which balances flavor; and Heat, which ultimately determines the texture of food—and anything you cook will be delicious. By explaining the hows and whys of good cooking,…