Flameless LED Tealight Candles

Candeberg brings you 6 flameless LED candles in an elegant box. Candle size is 4 X 3.8 cm and paper wrap size is 6 X 6 cm. Great for gifting this festive season. They make a stunning decor statement both indoors and outdoors, especially when used with Candeberg's exclusive thick paper designer decorative wraps (6 pcs included with the Purchase).

Showcase your exquisite taste with Candeberg's fuss-free LED tealights and thick paper designer wraps to add sophisticated charm to your collection. And express your creativity with endless possibilities of classy, elegant decor. They are easy to operate with a simple on/off switch at the bottom and they fit any tealight or votive holder.

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A wick flame wax candle lasts approximately 3 hours. Candeberg Led candles last 70 hours+ each with a single cr2032 lithium ion battery equivalent to repeated use 3 hours daily for a whole month and more! Reuse each candle by replacing its battery - easily available with all electronics and mobile vendors or online from amazon.in.

Candeberg's tealight candles are heat and smoke free. They are safe to use with children and pets around. These candles are an elegant choice for your lawns, weddings, gardens, romantic dinners, parties, yoga class, poojas, and especially for festivals.


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