Multi-Use Spray with Straw

This multi-purpose spray WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture and lubricates just about anything. WD-40 is also great when it comes to removing grease, grime and other marks from most surfaces.

Gets under dirt, marks and grease, making it easy to wipe them away Lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed, and hold firmly to all moving parts.

Protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients Loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. It quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits.

To buy this multi-purpose product, kindly click and follow Amazon link.


  • Lubricate sliding doors around your house 
  • Save your tools from grease & gunk 
  • Lubricate mechanisms on your household fans 
  • Keep your carpet stain-free 
  • Remove stuck gas pipe from regulator 
  • Stop squeaks from hinges 
  • Clean and protect your sewing machine 
  • Loosen rusted parts and remove rust 


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