Ice Cream, Sorbet, Slush & Frozen Yoghurt Maker

Key Features

* EAT FRESH & HEALTHY: Make healthy & safe frozen desserts free from preservatives or stabilizers with your favorite handpicked ingredients, which you trust are the best for your loved ones.

* QUICK & EASY: Its super easy to make your favorite dessert in less than 30 min whenever you want in the machine.
* LARGE 1.5 Liters Capacity: Delight your whole family in one go with Fresh ice Cream or other dessert made of seasonal fruits or other ingredients of your choice in the electric ice cream maker.

* HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE & TRUSTED: Kitchenif ice cream maker comes with 1 year warranty and is most loved & trusted ice cream maker brand for more than 2 years in India. free recipe book included.

* Transparent lid with easy safety Lock powerful motor, double insulated bowl, and new mixing paddles.

* Source link and purchasing details

PLEASE NOTE: You need to freeze the ice cream bowl of the machine in double door or above refrigerator freezer for 12-18 hrs. Single door refrigerator will not work because the required freezing temperature for the bowl is not there in a single door refrigerator.

Ice Cream Preparation 

1. Remove the frozen bowl from the freezer (12-18 Hrs) & use It immediately as it will quickly start to defrost.
2. Place mixing paddle in freezer bowl.
3. The paddle will start rotating once the machine is switched on.
4. Immediately pour the chilled ingredients through ingredient spout opening in the bowl after the unit is turned on.
5. Ice cream will be ready in soft serve stage in less than 25-30 min depending on the recipe & volume of the dessert.

Troubleshooting Steps

A) For ice cream, heavy branded milk cream is required not home made cream or malai. If only low fat cream is available like amul or mother dairy, you need to use. It in more quantity in recipe. Ice cream can be made using milk cream only & not any other juice, water etc.

B) Do not put more than 600-700 ml of mixture in one batch as it will almost double after 20/25 minutes. Also very large quantity will affect the cooling & effectiveness on the mixture.


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