Bamboo Monitor Riser

Bamboo Monitor RiserWith a slim, modern design, this Songmics bamboo monitor stand looks great on any desk. It not only raises the monitor up off the desk to promote better ergonomics, but also simplifies and organises your desk. With slots on the stand, conveniently store your cell phone, cup, papers, stapler, clips and other everyday office supplies. Under the stand to slide your keyboard and mice, creating an organized and content workplace. You can also use this as a laptop stand when you sit on your couch or bed, no worry at all that your heavy laptop makes your legs hot or tired. Just get free from tension headaches or eye and neck strain from looking down on computer screen.

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Finished by eco-friendly and sturdy bamboo board, its regular weight capacity is up to 80lbs. Load better than plastic stand, not easy to break like glass ones. Elevate monitor up to eye level for comfortable, ergonomic viewing experience. It is also suitable for putting TV, printer, cellphone, laptop, etc. Polished smoothly, rounded corners, countersunk screws, protect your safety when using.