ClosetMaid - Adjustable Closet Storage Organizer

ClosetMaid - Adjustable Closet Organiser

Clutter overloads our senses and causes undue stress in all aspects of our lives. However, just imagine walking through your front door into a stress-free, organised oasis. Closet organisation is easy with the ClosetMaid all-in-one ShelfTrack closet organiser kit. The ClosetMaid 5-8 ft. ShelfTrack closet organiser kit offers configuration and shelf location adjustability. The ShelfTrack is an adjustable standards and bracket program, allowing you to move shelves up and down for easy adjustability. Plus, this wire closet kit features super slide hang rods that attach to the shelving for continuous slide for hangers. It includes all of the necessary pieces that you need to build the closet of your dreams i.e. hang track, standards, shelf brackets, closet rods, closet rod support and SuperSlide shelves.

ShelfTrack can be easily installed by following the installation guide provided in the box. The ClosetMaid Shelf Track Closet Organisers adjustable mounting system makes it easy to configure your design or rearrange it as needs change. Take control of your time and space with help from ClosetMaid. The Hanging Basket is ideal in closets making additional items like purses, scarves and socks accessible. Perfect for laundry rooms, pantries - anywhere additional storage is needed. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the given link 1 and link 2.  

    ClosetMaid - Adjustable Closet Organiser
  1. This all-in-one kit has approximately 132 inches of hanging space and 216 inches of shelf space (includes 36 inch shoe shelf)
  2. Configuration for 5 ft. to 8 ft. wide closets, shelving is 12 inches deep; Features 36 inch shoe shelf
  3. Kit includes hang track, standards, shelf brackets, closet rods, closet rod support and SuperSlide shelves
  4. All hardware and installation template included; Some shelf cutting may be required to fit closet space
  5. Material: Vinyl coated steel; All shelving SCS Certified for minimum of 90% recycled content