Drawer Spice Organiser

It's easy to build an organized spice drawer with SpiceLiner® from YouCopia. The SpiceLiner 6-pack holds 24 full-size or 48 half-size spice bottles neatly in your kitchen drawer. The 18" length fits standard kitchen drawers or can be trimmed to fit. Each individual liner measures 2.5" wide to hold round or square bottles in place. Fits large spice bottles that won't fit in other trays.

There is no installation or adhesive required. Just lay the SpiceLiner® flat in your drawer and place spice bottles on top, with labels facing up, for easy viewing and accessibility. Soft foam prevents bottles from moving when the drawer is opened and closed. Easy to remove for cleaning with a damp towel. It is also great for organising baby food jars, vitamins and medicines. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the Amazon link.


* Includes 6 liners measuring 2.5"W x 18"L each (15.0"W x 18"L total)
* Soft foam keeps bottles securely in place with labels facing up for quick selection
* Easy set-up with no installation or permanent mounting required
* Fits standard kitchen drawers and can be easily trimmed with scissors; no installation required


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