Foot Hammock Under Desk With Headphones Holder

Deskool feet hammock can support upto 85 pounds of weight to suit people in all weight categories. It has an ergonomic, tried and tested design among all other foot rests to minimise any design flaws that may arise with a new invention. It can also be carried around to work and back home and has the backing of a lot of happy and comfortable feet.

The new fixed rubber footed clamps can be adjusted to your most comfortable position and fixed there so you can work at your desk without worrying about your foot hammock sliding or falling down.
 It can also act as a headphones holder/ handbag/backpack holder for an even versatile experience. Made by 100% premium quality cotton fabrics soft, non-abrasive and makes it comfortable for you to stay put longer with your leg up without worrying about sweating or any other discomfort.

Easy to fold away and your Deskool feet hammock is adjustable two ways. Low down just for a slight lift during work hours or high up parallel to your thighs when you really want your legs up during lunch. You will love it better than the make shift chair. The Foot hammock 2.0 is suitable for most desk types with or without a side apron. Click and follow the given link to buy this:


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