Hexagonal Pin Board Set

Multipurpose designer hexagonal soft tiles which can be used as a wall hanging for your home / office, photo display board to display photos or notice board to pin up your reminders & notes. These frameless hexagonal soft tiles look very beautiful as compared to photo frames & old traditional framed notice boards & they give very stunning look even when empty on wall.

These marine pearl boards can be used in your guestroom, children's room, office reception area. These boards can be hanged horizontally & vertically with the help of which you can create lots of unique patterns & make your wall into a decorative message & display center. Now permanently say good bye to old traditional ugly notice boards & decor your office/home with marine pearl designer pin boards. For further details and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the source link.


* 1/2 inch thick high density premium foam tiles
* Pack comes with 4 pieces of tiles. Each frameless tile is 12 Inches with 2 hanging hooks on back of each tile. These tiles can be hanged horizontally as well as vertically.
* These Pin Boards are flexible, frameless, soft, light weight, durable & look good even when empty.
* Product comes with 1 year guarantee.


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