Kitchen Organizer | Over Cabinet Door Towel Stand

Kitchen Over Cabinet Door Towel Stand
Remove the clutter problem by using the space on your doors. Get enough space to hang your items with this D.R stainless steel over cabinet door kitchen towel bar (9 x 2.5 x 0.78 IN). The great thing about this stainless steel towel bar is that you can hang it on just about any door all over the home or office. Stop wasting precious time searching through a cluttered closet for your hand towel.

Made of durable stainless steel, these hooks let you hang towels securely without screws or any sort of adhesives. Strong enough to hold any towel or hook without bending which also increases its usage life.

It is flexible and can be removed and changed at any time effortlessly. Simply remove it from the installed area. Safe even for your most expensive cupboards. The bars are round with smooth ends plus a high-quality finish that leaves your items with no tears or scratches. For more purchasing details, kindly click and follow the link.

The towel rack fits into cabinet door sizes of less than 2 cm/ 20cm/ 0.78 inch, just hang on the cabinet, move right or left to adjust it to the desired position. You can hang the towel rack inside or outside cabinets - it's your choice. No screws, nails, drill, holes, nuts or bolts are required to fix/install the towel bar. The towel bar can be easily mounted on the desired area. No need for tools or heavy machinery to install this product. as the soft foam backing protects against scratches. The hooks are ready to hang over any drawer and you don’t need to pay for installation.