Moon Light Lamp

Moon Light Lamp
Quace lunar LED moon light lamp with 3D printing technology captures the full extent of the moon's surface, with its dents and craters. The lamp is made of a material called poly-lactic acid, which is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic plastic that is used as “ink” for three-dimensional printing. The usage of the provided touch control can be used to change the color ambiance of the moon light and adjust the brightness of the moon lamp to your liking. Two tones of colour: warm white 3000k and cool white 6000k.

The moon night light include a USB charging cable to charge the lamp, it charges fully in 3 hours and can last up to 12 hours on low brightness and 4 hours on full brightness. The lamp contains a matte finish on the outside so the light emitted is not too dark or too bright. The warm white and cool white options make the lamp ideal for a soft glow to create an ambiance or as a nightlight for little children.

Touch the metal switch at the bottom of the moon light and switch on the light, the first touch is warm white yellow light. The second touch is cool white. The third touch to switch off. In the light state, long touch for step-less dimming and select the brightness. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the link.


* Bulb: LED
* Diameter: 12 cm & 14 cm
* Power:1W
* Power Supply: USB DC 5V
* Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
* Charging Time: 3 hours
* Lighting Colour: Warm & Cold
* Working Time: 4-12 hours (depends on brightness you choose)
* Package Content: 1 Moon Lamp, 1 USB Charging Cable, 1 Wooden Stand, 1 Using instruction


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