Ombre Vase

Ombre Vase
Casamotion brown ombre vase is a hand blown art glass and organic contemporary style centrepiece vase for table. This is beautiful to look at and can be kept in your living room to embellish the decor. Vase is long lasting, anti rusted, washable, unbreakable, lightweight and has sturdy body. It has been manufactured by hand blowing art glass. You can keep roses and tulips in it, along with other items of decoration to enhance the look of your interiors. It serves as a great decorative item, as well has an ideal gifting item. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the given link 1 and link 2


1. Each glass vase is individually mouth blown and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen
2. Designed to blend with contemporary and urban chic themes with reflective textures
3. Best decoration item for living room, bedroom, study, conference office, restaurants, etc
4. Ideal gift for house warming, wedding ceremony, conference, festive occasion and birthdays etc
5. Vase Size: 9.4*6.1*6.1, contemporary style narrow opining vase
6. All Casamotion handmade vase is produced from soda-lime glass, the colour is solid and translucent.
7. Packaged with customised air cushion and beautiful gift box, excellent gift idea for any occasion.


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