Reusable Bamboo Towel Sheet Roll

The Bambooee bamboo towels are the new reusable paper towel and alternative to hit the market. These bamboo towels have the same look and feel as ordinary paper towels, they even come in a roll. Don't contribute to the 3000 tons of paper towel waste created every day. These bamboo towel sheet will save you money because you won't be buying paper towels constantly.

Reusable bamboo towels are more stronger, durable, and super absorbent than regular paper towels. And they are machine washable up to 100 times. When you first get your Bambooee roll, you can keep it on a regular paper towel holder. After washing, simply keep them under the counter in a basket or even in a plastic bag dispenser that attaches to the inside of your cabinet door. If you only use a few at a time, you can just keep them in the top rack of your dishwasher, and then they'll get washed regularly as well. It is a simple and useful gift for your friends and family. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the link.


* Roll comes with 20 & 30 sheets of Bamboee Towels
* One sheet can be used up to 1.5 weeks
* Towels can be washed up to 100 times
* Sheet size: 11.5" x 11"


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