Upholstery Cleaner

According to wikipedia, Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. The word upholstery comes from the Middle English word upholder, which referred to an artisan who held up their goods. The term is equally applicable to domestic, automobile, airplane and boat furniture, and can be applied to mattresses, particularly the upper layers, though these often differ significantly in design.

Whether at home or anywhere you can't just avoid dust, pollen, germs, stains or blemishes that ends up in large number in upholstery fabrics and furniture. You have to be extra careful especially when kids are at home. For best cleaning you need upholstery cleaners that revitalise and extends the life of furniture. This method is safe and healthy for kids and pets. There are variety of cleaners available in the market, one of them is Bissell spot & stain fabric and upholstery cleaner (12 oz).

Bissell upholstery cleaner helps repel dirt and stains so fabrics stay cleaner, & longer. It is gentle to furniture and strong enough to clean the deepest stains. Bissell fabric brush safely cleans upholstery and carpet fibre. Patented fabric-safe brush gently loosens tough stains and embedded soils. Quick clean-up of spots and spills to entire sofa. For further information and purchasing details, kindly click and follow the Amazon link.


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