Yellow Weaves Shoe Pouch

Yellow Weaves shoe pouch is a shoe cover, bag or organiser, available with three different sets of 6, 12 & 24 - Beige & Black colour, choose as per your convenience. Perfect way to organize your shoes and keep it dirt and dust free. Soft Shoe Bag has a wide open mouth and tight closure for easy packing. Strong and durable non woven bag protects shoes from scuffs. Each bag comfortably covers 1 pair of shoes upto size 11. A little large in size than normal shoe pouches as normal size available is 11.5*15.5, so it can easily store your sports shoes/big shoe. Its must have for every traveller.

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  • Content : 24 Piece, Material : Non woven, Dimension - 11.5 X 15.5 Inches Per Piece.
  • This bag is designed to fit easily one pair of slippers and a pair of any shoes, such as golf, tennis, track, baseball, football, basketball and yes even your best dress shoes.
  • No need keeping your shoes in a plastic bag any longer, that tear off any moment.
  • The soft and light texture makes it easy to fit in any luggage bag, and does not take up too much space or weight.
  • Easily Washable & Long life product


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