Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer With Toothbrush Holder | Bathroom Organizer

    Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer With Toothbrush Holder
  1. Don't need to touch when using toothpaste
  2. Removable parts, easy to wash and clean the dispenser
  3. Avoid the cumbersome hand-squeezing process
  4. Suitable for daily use, especially for the old
  5. No electricity & no maintenance costs
  6. Comes with a toothbrush holder that can hold 5 toothbrush
  7. Works for every brand of toothpaste
  8. Keeps your bathroom clean and tidy
  9. Easy to install. Peel off the stick paper and mount it onto wall or mirror. Remove the front cover, and screw the toothpaste tube in the pump tightly.
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Take out toothpaste lid and insert the suction inlet. if not light inserted, will make air flow in, cause less extrusion quantity or not easy to be squeezed out. clean the surface of tile and glass which can install the toothpaste dispenser. Make sure the adhesive the surface be clean, dry, smoothed and not to be polluted. Put the double-sided adhesive onto the surface. 

To achieve good adhesive, please make some pressure on the double-sided adhesive and surface. To achieve surface, make sure they are pasted adequate. Push the button of the dispenser to get out a certain amount of toothpaste every time depending on personal needs. Clean the toothpaste dispenser, dip it in warm for 2 hours, then it with soft brush. Don't use cleanser or chemical medicine which is harmful for health.