Glass Wine Decanter

Glass Wine Decanter

Decanting wine is the process of adding air to wine. In doing so all of the undesirable smells and tastes from volatile compounds, like sulphides and ethanol, have a chance to evaporate. The tradition of decanting wine not only allows the wine to taste as good as it should, but the display adds a level of beauty and sophistication to any occasion.

A perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life - a decanter is one of the most important wine accessories you can own. And this one is gift-quality gorgeous. Excellent addition to any well-stocked bar - it’s as gorgeous as it is durable and functional, and if your home bar does not currently have one, it needs one! Click and follow the given online store link for further purchasing information.


Brand: Devnow
Capacity: 1400 ML
Set Size: 1 piece
Pack Content: 1 Decanter
Material: Glass