Home And Decor Ceramic Designer Platter

Home And Decor Ceramic Designer Platter With Attached Bowls
Behold the intricately designed and subtly appealing ceramic platter, for your serving needs and adding a renewed zest to the table. The platter comes with attached bowls, which further the practical design, making it convenient for everyday use, and to attend to the guests. The red, black and green sit solemnly, waiting for the wonder of your dish, while the bowls, pink in color, rush forward to greet you. Here lies your opportunity to indulge in the mystics of this enigma. To buy this designer ceramic platter, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.


  • Made from 100% vegetarian material, bone ash free
  • Made from toughened extra-strong and scratch resistant material
  • Due to its artistic creativity, versatility and affordability it is perfect for any type of gift. Add that touch of elegance to your own home and your loved ones as well
  • This playful platter crafted in the shape of the tamarind spice adds a quirky charm to your kitchenware.