Refreshing Mandala - Coloring Book for Adults Online

Refreshing Mandala - Coloring Book for Adults OnlineColouring is one of the most effective stress busting activities out there. Colouring helps in harnessing creativity and makes for a productive use of our free time. Keeping in mind all these benefits of colouring, Dreamland publication has prepared the book, 'Refreshing Mandala - Colouring Book for Adults Book 1’. This book uses the symbols of Mandala that are effective and unique. Kindly click and follow the given Amazon link for further purchasing information.

The symbols of Mandala is are made up of various shapes like circles, squares and triangles. The most fascinating part about these shapes is that they all represent a single identity i.e. the cosmos. The pictures in this book form a continuous shape which gives the book a whole new dimension. It is said the colouring can be therapeutic and therefore the book can help one in releasing stress and can have calming effect on one’s mind. The illustrations are created keeping in mind the varied levels of the users; hence are neither too simple nor too complex.


  • Through colouring stress and anxiety are expelled as we take in positivity.
  • Seamless beautiful designs
  • High-Quality Paper
  • The mandalas once coloured can be used as a decorative addition to beautify your workplace or home.