Test Tube Planter with Wood Stand

Creative and unique wooden test tube rack including three transparent test tubes, seems that your plants are come from amazing chemical reactions. An eye-catching novel design for smaller plants, looks gorgeous hanging on the wall. Besides, you can also put some flowers in them and place them on the table for ornament. Beautiful, attractive, and amazing home decoration for house, garden and workplace. Natural Wood Log and high-quality glass has been used as a material. For further purchasing information, kindly click and follow the given Amazon links: https://amzn.to/2A73RUd and https://amzn.to/2Orzyki 


  • Package: 1 Wooden Frame, 4 Test Tube (the extra one as backup), 1 Tube Brush and 2 no-mark hooks 
  • Size: Wooden Frame:6”(L)*2”(W)*5 1/8”(H) 
  • Test Tube: 6 3/4”(H) *1” (Diameter)


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