Treo By Milton Store Fresh Transparent Glass Storage Container Sets

Milton treo glass containers are 100 percent food safe. It doesn't leach potentially harmful chemical unlike the other materials. 100 percent bpa free. Leak proof and air tight containers to keep food fresh. Enjoy hot food, as containers are microwave safe (up-to 120 degree c). Safe to use in freezers and refrigerators. Due to it's non-porous nature, it doesn't absorb food and food smell, stains or germs, making them very easy to clean. Retain crystal clarity even after repeated use. To buy this useful fresh storage containers, kindly click and follow the given Amazon links: and

  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Shape: Round & Square
  • Package Contents: 2-piece glass containers
  • Enjoy hot food as containers are microwave safe
  • Freedom of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof
  • Sturdy belt with adjustable length
  • Special slot for fork/spoon, even for napkin/ mouth freshener


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