Cute Shaped Eco-Friendly Notepads

    Cute Shaped Eco-Friendly Notepads
  1. Multicolored notepad with assorted ele poo papers inside, some of the parts have been stuck separately to give it an embossed effect. (75 ele poo paper sheets)
  2. Length - 4 inches. Width - 4 inches.
  3. Material: Elephant poo paper and coloured handmade cotton paper.
  4. Made With The Finest Elephant Poo! The Heart Shaped Notepad With Cut-Outs Of Elephant, Hearts, And A Beautiful Sunset On The Top, Is Perfect To Share Those Sweet Nothings Or Love Notes.
  5. To buy this, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.

    Cute Shaped Eco-Friendly Notepads
  • Cheese burger memo pads
  • Made of sponge and sticky colour papers for taking notes
  • Comes with 60 blank sheets sporting the colours of ketchup, cheese and lettuce
  • These look so much like real food, some people may even mistake of taking a bite
  • Open the bread or bun to expose the red, yellow and green sticky pads and start jotting down the notes and stick it anywhere, be it your kitchen or office
  • Amaze your friends by writing & drawing on these colourful sticky notes
  • To buy this, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.


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