Portable Lemon Air Humidifier with USB

Portable Lemon Air Humidifier with USBYou suffer from dry skin, itchiness, dry throat, or are always sneezing due to a long stay at altitude, living in dry conditions, or even simply being in an air conditioned room humidify your environment and live more comfortably with cool mist humidifier. The humidifier atomizes water into very fine 1-5 um particles using high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation technology to keep your house fresh and fragrant from summer to winter.

Sleep better, breathe better, cough less, prevent dry sinuses and nosebleeds, and heal dry skin. Better air, better life. Compact mini size and portable design, easy to carry around. Perfect for home, office, car, or travel, baby bedroom, yoga studio, gym, patio or hotel. Noise is lower than 35db, so it is an absolutely quiet sound and function, an absolutely not influence your sleep and work. Moisturizes while on the go or even when asleep or for safety and humidifier. To buy this cool mini air humidifier  kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.

  • Lemon shaped, good for a hot summer or dry winter
  • Can be use for 4 hours and shut-off automatically to avoid damage to the humidifier when there is no water
  • Press once on the switch to open the mist mode, long press to open the night light
  • Very convenient for a travel or put in the car, baby bedroom dormitory to create a better air
  • Colour:- Multicolour (colour we will send as per availability)