Super Smooth Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask & Blind Fold

    Super Smooth Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask & Blind Fold
  1. Suitable for all men and woman and children
  2. 100 % silk satin. Made for meditation travelling sleeping
  3. Om shanti spiritual products and friends of meditation are only authorised reseller of this product, others are fake supplier
  4. Design adaptation by dhyan unmesh (registered yoga teacher and meditation facilitator)
  5. For eyelid, mulberry silk is most recommended fabric and it is considered far more superior than polyester or nylon sleep masks
  6. Supportive for sound sleep at night or airplane or airport lounge, ideal for night shift executives, useful for silent meditation and yoga shavasana
  7. Ideal for students living in dormitory to sleep when lights are not turned off, extremely helpful for couples where one partner needs light and other wants darkness

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