Handheld Milk Frother - Electric Foam Maker with Stainless Steel Whisk

Handheld Milk Frother - Electric Foam Maker with Stainless Steel WhiskWhisk your milk easily with InstaCuppa Handheld Milk Frother which comes in an ergonomic, lightweight and durable design. This frothing wand is battery operated saving you from the hassle of cords and finding sockets. It features a stylish and elegant design which tries to go with a variety of modern kitchen settings and decor.

This portable battery-operated hand blender has an effective motor with a frequency of 19000 RPM and tries to operate with low noise. This stainless-steel whisk is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean, however, it is recommended not to submerge full device in water. It comes in an ergonomic compact design and includes a stand for easy storage. It can also be placed on the countertop.

You can use this portable handheld milk frother to help in the preparation of a variety of beverages or drinks such as Frappes, lattes, cappuccinos, milkshakes, cocktails, hot chocolate, smoothies and more. It can also be used for whipping eggs or making whipped cream. It works with both hot and cold liquids. 
1 Year Warranty protection for any manufacturing defects.

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1. Take hot or cold milk as desired in a cup.
2. Plunge the frother half way down and power it on using the operating button on top.
3. Keep moving the frother up and down to whip the milk.
4. It takes around 15-20 seconds to whip the milk and make it foamy and frothy.