Multipurpose Belt with Ice Cold / Hot Gel Packs

  1. Two Gel Sheets Per Pack (Each 25 X 18 Cm), One Is Spare
  2. Therapy for pain, injury, inflammation caused by running, walking, jogging, surgery
  3. Highly recommended by professional physical therapists for relief from sore muscles, arthritis, sprains, swelling, osteoarthritis and impact exercises
  4. Elastic compression belt results in faster recovery. It remains colder for a long duration, at uniform lower temperature
  5. Flexibility allows to enjoy full movement range. You can work, walk, run, drive with it
  6. Microwavable, wearable, reusable, washable, adjustable size, long lasting, safe and non-toxic, handsfree use
  7. Usage: knee/ back/ elbow/ shoulder/ leg/ ankle
  8. Easy Ice Has Major Advantages Over Liquid Blue Gel Pouches. 
  9. Gives Thrice Longer Cooling At Lower Temperature. 
  10. Dual Purpose Packs/ Uses It Cold Or Hot.
  11. Heating Can Be In Microwave Oven Or Boiling Water. 
  12. The Belt Is Universal Size 
  13. Elastic On Belt Gives Compression/ For Faster Recovery. 
  14. Easy Pack Lasts For Years. Hydrate Gel Sheet Once At Beginning In Luke Warm Water. 
  15. Freeze For Using Cold Or Heat. Insert Gel Sheet In Belt.
  16. Position And Engage On Area Painful. 
  17. Detailed Instruction Sheet Comes With Easy Ice Packet.

To buy this useful multipurpose belt, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.


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