Best Home Security Alarm System

Best Home Security Alarm System
Home alarms are designed to ensure complete safety at comfortable ease and iBELL brings to you a complete solution to your home security that too at your fingertips. Its defense zones include 100 wireless zones and it works on Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS. It features with remote control for arm, dis-arm, monitor and talking. It ensures 24/7 security to your home even when you are away at your fingertips. It can be used for personal security practices like to check whether doors and windows are locked or not, extra keys hidden or not, etc. When you look at your family, your loved ones you want them to be secure, harmless and safe. When you go out for work you expect to arrive to a happy and smiling family, “but as they say hope is not a strategy”, you need a more precise and accurate technology to be ensured about your family security. Time to switch to a better technology with secured protection and safety terms. Intelligent arm protection system safeguards your house and enables you to be worry-free. To buy this, kindly click and follow the given Amazon online shopping site link.

  1. The installed App allows the notifications and necessary texts on your registered phone number. Servers a good efficient use when away from home.
  2. A loud and clear alarm whenever your security is breached. A must have security system for all homes and offices.
  3. Equipped with high engineered sensors which sends you instant notification as soon as something offensive happens with your security 
  4. Includes LCD screen with temperature and phone call options, arm, disarm and much more.
  5. Serves with same efficient accuracy in all weather types. Be it heavy rain, cross wind or an unbearable sun, iBELL security works at its best.
  6. 2 Door Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 2 Remote, 2 RFID 1 Wired Siren
  7. Basic Functions includes LCD indicator Arm/Disarm/Stay arm/Alarm/Signal English voice operation instruction Multi-Language menu display Password protection function 0-9999secs. delay alarm and arm setting Stay intelligent arm Operating the host by APP Reset factory setting.


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