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Educational Learning Games for Children
This Write & Wipe learning cards helps with kids reading and writing skills and also learn how to write numbers correctly. Each card is double-sided printed and can be wiped to repeat the exercise. Children learn the numbers, counting and practice writing – one number at a time which allows concentrated learning. Write and wipe cards allow kids to practice writing again and again. Kids build Number & Counting knowledge while improving fine motor control.

All of write & wipe activities are reusable again and again which ensures great value for money. These products are made from the environment & child-friendly material. It's a great educational write and wipe activity kit for Nursery, Pre-primary school & Primary school kids. It can also be distributed as a gift or return gift on the occasion of a birthday or at children's events.

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  • Age: 3 - 6 Years
  • Play Time: Unlimited
  • Parents Involvement: Low
  • 123 Numbers Write and wipe cards allow kids to practice writing again and again.
  • Contains double sided 25 Number Cards + 7 Counting Game Cards (Big Size) + 2 white board markers + Wipe cloth
  • High quality graphics pattern, Exquisite illustration & patterns, Clear Texture, Large Character Images
  • Good for kids to learn correct stroke order that fosters good penmanship and writing habits
  • Using the included dry-erase marker, children will practice & master numbers, writing & counting
  • Great for use in Classrooms, Childcare Center, Home, and Travel. Perfect for quiet time activities. Perfect for Birthday Return Gifts.