Vintage Art Brass Temple Bell With Peacock

Vintage Brass Temple Bell With Peacock
The ringing of the bells signifies offerings to the Gods and is supposed to be the first sound of creation. This exquisite brass Temple Bell will create a unique and peaceful ambiance in your Pooja room and enhance the interiors of your decor. The sound that resonates out of this bell represents divinity and keeps evil forces away.

Crafted from high quality brass material with a highly polished look this Temple Bell will create a serene and classic effect wherever you place it. Hang this elegant, fantastic and artistic bell at the entrance of all temples. It’s a tradition to ring the bell while entering or existing the temple once prayers are over as a sign of good omen.

Peacock with full plumage is hand crafted and attached with the chain of the bell. Stunning in its design, the peacock symbolizes beauty and the feeling of love and attraction. Enjoy the sound of attractive chimes and bells and bask in its melody. Durable and classy, it will blend into your decor in a jiffy. 

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  • Brand: Handecor
  • Dimensions: Length: 3.5, Width: 3.5, Height: 7 inches
  • Weight: 1.3 Kgs
  • Colour: Brass
  • Pack Content: 1 Unit Of Brass Temple Bell With Peacock On Chain