Bookcase | Book Shelf: This Is The Mix of Traditional And Modern Design Style

Bookcase | Book Shelf: This Is The Mix of Traditional And Modern Design Style
Traditional style takes inspiration from indigenous arts and craft originating from the Indian sub-continent and certain style periods pertaining to the early Baroque and French eras. Traditional furniture is synonymous with artistic embellishments, contrasting inlays, plush fabrics, decorative trims, crown moldings and intricate details.

Bookshelf is a free-standing furniture unit with multiple horizontal stack of racks or shelves which are used for varied purposes to store your books or display curios. A
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  • Brand: Woodsworth
  • Dimensions: H 71 x W 25 x D 17 (Inches)
  • Colour: Natural
  • Primary Material: Acacia Wood
  • Collection: Tiber

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