Natural Bamboo Water Fountain Decor

Bamboo Water Fountain
Turn any container into a fountain. This lucky bamboo Water Spout and Pump fountain kit is perfect for your living room, bathroom, garden water features or any where you want to enjoy the relaxing sounds of water flowing. Set it on your bed side table to relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of water flowing. Perfect for your self or a gift to that special someone you care about. Hand made with 100% Natural Bamboo.

Sleek, low-lying design combined with the 12” width of the three-arm base creates a deep, resonant flow that soothes the senses. Perfect outdoor fountains on a balcony, garden fountains or indoor water fountain in your living room, bedroom, or even master bath. 
The spout is handcrafted from sleek, supple Tam Vong bamboo, which is stronger than steel by weight! This means it resists splitting or cracking better than other bamboo. It also absorbs excess noise, leaving only the relaxing sounds you want.

This fountains doesn’t come with a container, so you can turn a beautiful pottery bowl, planter, or ceramic pot into your own beautiful Zen fountain. Complete kit includes submersible pump, tubing, and bamboo fountain that you can set up in as little as 5 minutes on the edge of a 10” to 20” diameter container. Sized for containers as shallow as 4” deep.

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