• Nitika Mehra

Bamboo Bathtub Tray: Spa Tray That Lets You Unwind After A Hard Working Day

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Taking a bath is relaxing while reading or watching a movie with a glass of wine. A quality spa caddy tray that lets you unwind after a hard working day in the bath or jacuzzi. Callas has designed a unique bathtub caddy that will give you an ultimate relaxation. Everything within this caddy has been ergonomically designed for the sleekest, easy-to-use, simplest bathtime enhancement.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray: A Quality Spa Caddy Tray That Lets You Unwind After A Hard Working Day

The extending sides of our bathtub caddy tray provides full adjustability and compatibility to any bathtub size where you soak in. It measures 27 ¾ when is closed and 41 ½ when it’s fully extended. No assembly is required for this bamboo bathtub caddy tray.

Enjoy taking long baths and bring your book, iPad, e-Reader along with a glass of wine to make your bath time enjoyable and fun. The bathtub caddy tray comes equipped with rustproof metal book holder that holds tablet and books safely, a cell phone tray and a built-in wine glass holder. It’s both modern and stylish to use, and stay firmly in place. To buy this beautiful bamboo bathtub tray, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.


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