Brightly Decorated Hand Carved Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

The most majestic of all land animals – Elephants and the most vibrant of all Indian bids –Peacocks, both have been symbolic of strength and prosperity in India for centuries. And hidden away in burrows inside big trees, owls have always interested and inspired craftsmen in India as a spectacular bird and also an auspicious symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Brightly decorated elephants, peacocks & owl would lead processions for kings and often, Maharajas would be seen riding elephants and peacocks would adorn royal fortresses with myriad of colours and glamour. Artisans of Varanasi stunningly hand carved and hand painted wooden tea-light holders. The bright paint adorned on these reflect off the flame from the tea lights and create an auspicious aura for your favourite spaces.

Exclusivelane brings unique handmade and hand-painted tea-light holder sets for different decors. Made of wood is available in multicoloured with the set of 2 each. To buy this beautiful crafted wooden tea-light holders, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link 1, link 2 and link 3 respectively.


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