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Bring A Traditional Touch With Shreenathji Painting with Cows Digital Art

Updated: Jun 17

Shreenathji canvas is going to bring a unique essence into your decor space, whether it's placed in the living room or Puja room. The wall art is a perfect piece for your foyer arranged with wooden and natural accents. Krishna's connection with his cows has been considered to be special. The Shreenathji in Gokul with Cows Canvas shows this relationship in a subtle way by taking inspiration from the Nathdwara local style of painting. If you want to bring a traditional touch into your modern decor, this set of canvases would be perfect!

Bring A Traditional Touch With Shreenathji Painting with Cows Digital Art

The Shreenathji in Gokul with Cows Canvas is a must-have set of three canvases who have faith in Lord Krishna. Using digitally printed canvases to depict the Krishna in the Pichwai style of painting is the new way of ensuring you're connected to Him. Pichwai style of painting majorly developed in Nathdwara, Rajasthan about 400 years ago. The painting style is observed to be extremely intricate and visually appealing.

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Originally done on cloth depicting the life of Shree Krishna, this type of painting can take months or years to complete. This skillful art form takes years to perfect and the outcome is always phenomenal. The word Pichwai comes from 'pichh' meaning back, and 'wai', meaning textile hanging. While the paintings most often depict the tales of Lord Krishna, they also show other subjects such as cows, gopis, Radha, and lotuses. These paintings used to be hung in the temple of Shrinathji (Shrinathji ki Haveli) in Nathdwara. Today, they're also used in homes and offices to ensure the space is blessed.

Display the wall art on a plain wall with earthy tones to enhance the look of the space. The set of canvases will go well with light colors or for a bold look can be paired with darker backdrops. When paired with gold elements, the wall art shall become an eye-catching element of the decor.

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  • Technique: Digital Printing

  • Matte Finish

  • Pattern: Printed

  • Material: Canvas

  • Dimensions: 30.48 L x 6.858 W x 45.72 H (cm)

  • Care: Clean with a soft cloth, do not wash

  • Package: 3 piece of Shreenathji in Gokul with cows canvas without frame

  • Clean design and elegant look

  • High quality

  • Durable Art Work


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