Classic Mosquito Net: Stylish And Hassle Free That Helps To Stay Away From Mosquito And Insect Bites

Updated: Apr 11

Classic mosquito net is unique, stylish and hassle free that helps you stay away from the mosquito and insect bites. Prevent your loved once from dreadful disease like malaria, filaria and dengue. Made from spring steel technology frames which make it flexible and safe to sleep in. There are convenient zipper on both sides for easy entry and exit.To buy this, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.

Classic Mosquito Net: Stylish And Hassle Free That Helps To Stay Away From The Mosquito And Insect Bites

No need of separate rods to hang the net as it comes with a strong flexible frame which fixes easily. The net can be folded and easily stored in a carry bag therefore space saver too. One can carry this net while travelling and camping as it is light in weight and does not take much space and washable as well. During summers the one can use it on terrace too. Double bed net can easily accommodates 2 adults and 1 kid.


  1. The product is of 1 qty and it comes along with one bag cover

  2. Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cms (i.e. 6.15*6.15*5 ft) can easily accommodate bed from 5’x6′ to 6.5’x6.5′

  3. With 9″ extra cloth at bottom for extra protection, easily washable (corrosion resistant), self supporting, no requirement of nail

  4. Pops up in an instant and Automatically, can be folded in 30 seconds

  5. Storage bag included, Provided with large zipper gates on two sides for easy and convenient entry and exit

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