Everybody Lies: The New York Times Bestseller Book

Updated: Apr 9

Insightful, surprising and with ground-breaking revelations about our society. Everybody Lies exposes the secrets embedded in our internet searches, with a foreword by bestselling author Steven Pinker. Everybody lies, to friends, lovers, doctors, pollsters and to themselves. In Internet searches, however, people confess the truth.

Everybody Lies: The New York Times Bestseller Book

Insightful, funny and always surprising, Everybody Lies explores how this huge collection of data, unprecedented in human history, could just be the most important ever collected. It offers astonishing insights into the human psyche, revealing the biases deeply embedded within us, the questions we're afraid to ask that might be essential to our well-being, and the information we can use to change our culture for the better.

The New York Times Bestseller, an Economist Book of the Year and A New Statesman Book of the Year. Add the book to your Amazon online shopping basket from your android or iOS Amazon app now, kindly click and follow the given link.

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