• Nitika Mehra

Foldable Shoes: Save Your Feet From Uncomfortable Situations

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The foldable shoes at first glance may look like an ordinary pouch but it is so much more. Inside you will find the most comfortable roll out flats imaginable, complete with a soft plush interior, and a stylish but during style. Each available shoe has a special expandable fit giving you that custom made feeling every time you wear it.

Finally an elastic shoe that doesn’t allow for the elastic band to dig into your ankle. Slip on these flats after a long night of dancing, on an airplane, around the house, or in the office. These foldable & portable shoes will save your feet from uncomfortable situations anytime/anywhere. Avoid the mess! Leave your boots on the mat outside the door and slip these on when entering your office, home etc.

Foldable Shoes: Save Your Feet From Uncomfortable Situations

So many features all packed into a little package small enough to take with you on the go. Perfect for the on the go generation! roll ‘em, fold ‘em and take ‘em everywhere. The bonus pouch with handles make them just simple to grab with you and throw them into your glove compartment, handbag or just anywhere. Beautiful colour variation, match them to your wedding colour theme, go with the basics or stock up for great holiday.

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