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Freedom From The Known: Profound Book About The Importance of Freeing Ourselves

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Freedom From The Known is a book that provides much needed insight into the monotonous quality our lives have adapted into. The book does an in-depth exploration of the idea that life as we know it is a result of the pressure we are under to maintain and achieve what is expected of us by the society.

Freedom From The Known: Profound Book About The Importance of Freeing Ourselves

In this book, readers are provided with the opportunity to reflect on all of the achievements of their lives and analyze how much of it was what they truly wanted to do as opposed to what was expected of them. The author opines that people disillusion themselves into believing that societal expectations are norms that define the construct of their daily lives will bring them happiness. The book goes on to suggest that people have forgotten the true value and meaning of happiness.

The book talks about the importance of freeing ourselves from societal norms, values and expectations. It is suggested that only by doing so can we focus on the right way to find peace and happiness in our lives.

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The author J. Krishnamurti was a highly regarded spiritual teacher and speaker. His teachings are believed to have helped numerous people attain peace and happiness in their lives. He has written several other books on spiritual enlightenment. Freedom from the Known is considered to be one of his most profound works.

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