• Nitika Mehra

Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones | 3D Illusion LED Design Lamp

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

This amazing light is a 2D wireframe lamp design will plays tricks with eyes and creates an optical illusion and appears as a 3D object, but is actually completely flat. The frame consists of thin sheet of Acrylic, which is laser engraved and is known for its light transmitting properties, while the base is made from high quality ABS. Energy Efficient long life LED bulbs are used to create warm glow that won’t overheat.

Works on USB port power source like computer, laptop, mobile chargers, power bank etc. Lamp can also be used with 3 AA batteries. Change colors using switch on device or use remote to change pattern, control brightness, Flashing Effect etc. Beautiful personal use and great gifting option for birthday, anniversary, house warming or any other occasion that wont let you down.

Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones  | 3D Illusion LED Design Lamp

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This total package includes:

  1. LED Lamp Base with feather touch switch (CE & RoHS & FCC certified, 7 Colors, 10 LEDs, ABS material, Dimension-87mm x 37mm)

  2. Lamp Design

  3. IR Remote

  4. USB Cable

  5. Instruction Manual


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