Multipurpose Magback Airvent Magnetic Mount – GPS & Mobile Holder

Updated: Apr 8

Air Vent Magnetic Mount is a residue free multipurpose GPS/Smartphone holder. The rubberized base & 4 built in magnets firmly holds mobile on any Airvent giving full view of the windshield.

Magback Airvent Magnetic Mount - GPS & Mobile Holder

Handling your phone while driving can be dangerous, stay safe and legal with Tech Sense Lab Airvent by keeping your both hands on the steering wheel. On road, off road or uneven roads, take on any adventure and be assured your smartphone or GPS will be safely held with the strong inbuilt 4x N45 Neodymium Magnets. Place your phone within easy reach of your arm, allowing you to concentrate on the road with minimal distraction. Add to your Amazon online shopping basket from your android or iOS Amazon app now, kindly click and follow the given link.


Multipurpose Magback Airvent Magnetic Mount – GPS & Mobile Holder
  1. Portable with Sleek Compact Design

  2. Dual-sized claws with high quality scratch free rubber padded Prongs that fits & grips strongly on any air vent

  3. Multi Usage – car, home, office etc

  4. Compatible With all Smartphones

  5. Easy mounting/umounting of phone

  6. 4 powerful neodymium magnets sets makes this unique among a sea of copycats. This universal magnetic holder produces an strong force of attraction that will hold any smartphone. Including android, apple, blackberry and microsoft devices

  7. 3M Adhesive plates: No detail overlooked, unlike others both the plates have 3m adhesive meaning they attach firmly and won’t leave a residue when you remove them so you can even stick these to the back of your phone. Large surface area ensures greater gripping area

  8. Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and the front of the mount rotates allowing you to choose from landscape to portrait or any angle in between. Perfect for navigation or phone calls

  9. The magback airvent is designed for all cars old, wether you have newer circular airvents or the old grill style of airvents. The prongs have two sizes so you can choose the one that works best for your vent thickness

  10. Simple two finger operation, mounting a phone was never so easy. To ensure the mount does not come out after repeated use just push the phone back at an angle while removing the phone from the mount. This will push the mount in and detach your phone with ease in one smooth motion.

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