Nesting Tables: Traditional And Stylish Interior Decor

Nesting Tables: Traditional And Stylish Interior Decor
  1. Traditional Indian table set with a nesting design in set of 3

  2. Decorate your floor with these well designed and ergonomic Stools

  3. You can use this stylish to organize your essentials or display decorative items

  4. Large Size Stool Dimension: 18x12x25 Inch (WXDXH)

  5. Medium Size Stool Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 22 Inch(WXDXH)

  6. Small Size Stool Dimensions: 12x10x19 Inch (WXDXH)

  7. Overall Weight is 7.5Kgs.

  8. Long lasting and fine quality product

  9. The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state.

  10. Ideal for Use as Bedside/Lamp/Side Tables

  11. Material: Sheesham Wood

  12. Polish: Walnut Brown

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