Non Slip Spa Bathtub Pillow For Shoulder & Neck Health Support

Make every moment relaxing with the Gorilla Grip spa bath pillow. To secure your pillow, moisten the suction cups before gently pressing each cup to the surface of your tub. This bath pillow is not recommended for textured or tiled surfaces, as all the suction cups need a smooth surface to work properly.

In addition, the suction cups may not secure as well on curved bathtubs. Simply pour some warm water on the pillow to warm it up. It is designed to be air tight to ensure that no water gets trapped inside which can cause mold. As a result, it will not stay fully submerged in water.

Non Slip Spa Bathtub Pillow For Shoulder & Neck Support

This non-slip spa bath pillow featuring powerful gripping technology. Extra soft & large, 14.5″ x 11″, luxury 2-panel design for shoulder & neck support. Fits any size tub

To remove your bath pillow, please use the finger to gently loosen each cup individually. Please don’t pull on the bath pillow to avoid damaging it. For cleaning, simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Allow to fully air dry between uses. To buy this relaxing bathtub pillow, kindly click and follow the given Amazon link.


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