Serene And Elegant Handcrafted Wood Lamp

Updated: Apr 4

This decorative rich textured fabric wall lamp with wooden base will give a stylish twist to your home decor. This table lamp will become a centre of attraction owing to their rich and colonial design.

Serene And Elegant Handcrafted Wood Lamp

This shade casts a soft even wall light making this the perfect bedside lamp, night light or desk lamp. Buy this serene and elegant handcrafted lamp to give a classy touch to your decor and thus add to your online shopping basket from your android or iOS now, kindly click and follow the link.

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  1. Wall lamp uses 15 watt B22 bulb or equivalent LED bulb

  2. Square shape textured fabric

  3. Diffrent fabric texture colors available

  4. Package includes lamp shade, wooden base stand, B 22 holder and wire

  5. Simply wipe with a dry cloth or with a feather duster to clean

  6. Shade Dimension: L13 X W13 XH25 (in cm)

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