• Nitika Mehra

Set of Contemporary Style Tables with Solid Glass Combination

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Nest of Tables are a set of small tables graduated in size so that they fit one beneath another. Each table is slightly smaller than the other, which allows them to be slid beneath each other. The brand Asian Arts specialize in metal and combination of metal – solid wood, metal – Glass, and metal – stone furniture.

This nesting table is all you need to complete your living room. Keep them displayed in a nested style to save space and separate them when you need extra surface area or display them side by side to create a beautiful trendy look.

Set of Contemporary Style Tables with Solid Glass Combination

Contemporary is very current and in trend now. It’s a very fluid, simplistic style which takes its cues from the in-vogue polishes, textures and colors of the season and is bereft of any ornamentation or embellishments.

Art Decor Nesting Table: Update Your Home Decor With This Refreshing Modern Set.

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  1. Brand: Asian Arts

  2. Dimensions (big): H 20 x W 20 x D 20 (inches)

  3. Dimensions (small): H 18 x W 18 x D 18 (inches)

  4. Primary Material: Glass

  5. Top Material: Glass


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