Stunning Art Gold Crystal Alberta Champagne Chandelier

Chandelier is a large, decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. It is a fancy light fixture that is often ornate and hanging suspended in the middle of a formal space. Walk into a grand ballroom and see a light fixture adorned with sparkling crystals? That's a chandelier.

Be it a contemporary or a modern setting, this beautifully crafted chandelier allows you to experience the beauty of a well-lit room. Exude a sense of class and elegance with a stylish and well-designed chandelier.

Stunning Gold Crystal Alberta Champagne Chandelier

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  1. Dimensions: 32 X 32 X 38 Inches

  2. Holder & Plug type: E14 Holder

  3. Bulb Recommended: E14 CFL, LED or Incandescenet Bulb

  4. Switch type: On / Off

  5. Weight: 15 Kgs

  6. Cord Material: Metal

  7. Cord Length: 40 Meter

  8. Material: Crystal

  9. Colour: Gold


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