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Tiny Habits: Why We Should Start With Quick Wins And Embed New Tiny Habits Into Our Everyday Lives

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Improving your life is much easier than you think. Whether it’s losing weight, sleeping more, or restoring your work/life balance - the secret is to start small. For years, we’ve been told that being more healthy and productive is a matter of willpower: that we should follow the latest fad and make constant changes to our lifestyles. But whether in our diets, fitness plans or jobs, radical overhauls never work. Instead we should start with quick wins and embed new, tiny habits into our everyday routines.

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The world expert on this is Silicon Valley legend BJ Fogg, pioneering research psychologist and founder of the iconic Behaviour Design Lab at Stanford. Now anyone can use his science-based approach to make changes that are simple to achieve and sticky enough to last. In the hugely anticipated Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg shows us how to change our lives for the better, one tiny habit at a time. Based on twenty years research and his experience coaching over 40,000 people, it cracks the code of habit formation.

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Focus on what is easy to change, not what is hard; focus on what you want to do, not what you should do. At the heart of this is a startling truth ― that creating happier, healthier lives can be easy, and surprisingly fun.

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